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about our company

Looking to reach a new market for your products?

Our distribution services are specialised to fit certain clientele. We looking for products that have to do with communications, security and gadgets. If you think your product would be intresting to us then do not hesistate and contact us.

  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Investment in Promotion
  • Local Support / Sales Contacts
  • Low cost for the Manufacturer.

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Procucts of Intrest

Innovating products that fit the categories of communications, security or gadgets. If you produce anything unique, we want to hear from you.

Our Services

Distribution, sales, support, marketing, logistics, all the way to translating manuals and giving support locally.


Our business model isbased on partnership. We work together with clients in a way thats mutual beneficial without risks of high investments.

One Team One Goal. Mutual Benefit!

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